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Environmental Learning at Scartho Junior Academy

A great day out exploring the school environment at Scartho Juniors. The school environment offers a fantastic range of trees and plants and Year 4s spent a day learning & sharing their knowledge about trees and the environment.

Into the Woods… with Oasis Nunsthorpe Academy

A day exploring woodland environments to develop children’s understanding of nature and to inspire both fiction and non fiction writing.

 Reviewing for Success

Building on the work of Roger Greenaway and linking to my own experience at faciliating groups dynamics and enabling learning in both schools and the outdoors I am currently developing a programme that works hard to develop pupils personal capabilities. Watch this space for more info …

… in the meantime some photos of a group pf Year 5s exploring group dynamics through teamwork. This group were really interesting to work with as they overcame their own pre-concieved barriers to work together and improve performance.

Interestingly this was the only group that chose to work in mixed boy /girl groups. This came about when one boy made the comment, “I’m going to work with the girls -they don’t mess around as much.”

As it happened of the previous groups it was noticably the girls that were ‘silly’ and screamed a lot as oppose to the boys who acted in a cool, calm and efficient manner to complete the tasks set.

The boy group that was most efficient and strove to improve performance through shared discussion and collaboration, on later discussion with the teacher, turned out to be the ones most unlikely to engage with tasks in school.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”  

Helen Keller   



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