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Lindley Festival of Outdoor Learning 2014

Helping the pieces fit…


Forming…norming & storming to create dynamic group facilitation

This workshop addressed facilitating and reviewing learning through a range of thought-provoking and practical co-operative tasks aimed to challenge personal and group dynamics.

Based on the concepts of group dynamics through forming, norming and storming the group explored the different stages of building rock solid teams through changing & manipulating group dynamics. Fearful of failure?  This session might just have redefined your perspective on success…

This workshop will provide opportunities to develop:

  • Shared knowledge of group dynamics in outdoor environments
  • What review techniques create strong teams
  • What is failure and how to attempt to turn it around
  • Review & reflect on own practice

Minds are like parachutes…

…they only work when they are open!”

Teams: Two teams explored different ways to interact through:

a) experiential team management

b) highly structure (but fair!) team management

The Task: Cross the Swamp

Each team to cross the swamp using a limited number of ‘islands’. If they failed to keep a foot on each island… it was lost to the swamp monster!

The Twist: The  Walky Talky Challenge:

Each team was given a mix of small plastic toys. If the toy has legs that person can walk BUT NOT talk. If it does not have legs the person can talk BUT NOT walk.

Break the rules and loose your walky or talky!

The Outcomes:

Very different depending on how each team was initially set up. Which team will storm then norm fastest to reach a higher performance?

Next steps:

How can schools and outdoor settings develop independent learning skills in young people?Through exploring team development and shared approaches to task allocation when learning to learn OLC’s new training programme for educators  will support schools through:

  • identifying how group dynamics can be affected by teamwork
  • introduce tactics for developing positive group interactions
  • enable greater independent work skills that build on technical knowledge
  • developing strengths in using a range of learning styles through VAK (building and developing on from preferred learning styles…)
  • action planning for introducing independent learning for all ages

The Programme:

Learning to Learn: practical tactics for enabling independent learning

An INSET training package to support teachers and pupils in developing and learning through independence

Available in your school or educational setting as whole day/ half day INSET

Costs: please contact us to discuss options / numbers / requirements

Interested in finding out more?

Contact: Caroline Carr – Outdoor Learning Consultancy





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