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RLSS Water Safety Management Programme

An interesting 3 days combining RLSS Instructor Conversion with a range of clients completing Level 1 – 3 of RLSS Water Safety Management Programme.

Venues ranged from still water clay pits for throw line practice, risk management and wading rescues, Cleethorpes beach and on to Grade 2  moving water at Sowerby Bridge.

Level 1 is aimed at developing Water Safety Awareness for a range of clients working on water margins. Outdoor Learning Consultancy can offer a range of packages for schools looking at training staff when leading and attending school visits to water venues, e.g. beaches, ponds and rivers.

Level 2 River @ Sowerby Bridge



OLC & Real World Learning Network

Outdoor Learning Consultancy is delighted to join Real World Learning Network to support our mutual aims of connecting young people to the outdoor environment and thus promoting a sustainable planet for now and the future.

The Real World Learning Network is a consortium of outdoor learning providers across Europe. Our goal is to explore and share successful approaches to outdoor learning that increase action for sustainable development. We believe that outdoor learning offers one of the best approaches for young people to engage with the world around them, and provide a stimulating context to explore how we can all contribute to a more sustainable present and future.


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Developing Personal Capabilities

Reviewing for Success

Building on the work of Roger Greenaway and linking to my own experience at faciliating groups dynamics and enabling learning in both schools and the outdoors I am currently developing a programme that works hard to develop pupils personal capabilities. Watch this space for more info …

… in the meantime some photos of a group pf Year 5s exploring group dynamics through teamwork. This group were really interesting to work with as they overcame their own pre-concieved barriers to work together and improve performance.

2013-04-24 10.24.312013-04-24 10.24.082013-04-24 10.32.522013-04-24 11.53.33-2

Interestingly this was the only group that chose to work in mixed boy /girl groups. This came about when one boy made the comment;

“I’m going to work with the girls -they don’t mess around as much.”

As it happened of the previous groups it was noticably the girls that were ‘silly’ and screamed a lot as oppose to the boys who acted in a cool, calm and efficient manner to complete the tasks set.

The boy group that was most efficient and strove to improve performance through shared discussion and collaboration, on later discussion with the teacher, turned out to be the ones most unlikely to engage with tasks in school.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” 

Helen Keller